“We’re singing what?!”

A lot of the music I really like.  The others, the commoners will love.Our concert is Saturday at seven o’clock.  After four months, tonight was our last regular rehearsal before our “crunch week”, so to speak.  Dr. Lange held up a piece of music showing us the cover.

“Take out ‘The Ground’.”

That one?  What’s that?  I thought I had picked that up accidentally!  I almost handed it back last week.  When did we work on that one?

I pulled out my copy of “The Ground”, opening it to sing for the first time.  Fortunately, it’s pretty easy and let’s just keep all this between us.

Don’t let this deter you.  The Lange Ensemble is a collection of professional musicians… and me.  We actually sang the aforementioned piece so well we used precious rehearsal time so we could “play that one again”.  You may come and hear us sing this Saturday at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Lansing.  Below is a recording of “The Ground” by Central Washington University’s chamber choir.

(I could tell straight away the composer, Ola Gjeilo, was a movie music fan.  Can you?)


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